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Perspex® is a premium, internationally recognised, brand of acrylic and is available in a wide range of variants, including Perspex® cast acrylic sheet, Perspex® extruded acrylic sheet, and a number of specialist Perspex® acrylic products designed for specific applications.

a perspex colour swatch
Clear Perspex acrylic sheets
clear acrylic tubes
coloured acrylic mirror sheets fanned out is the UK's original place to buy genuine Perspex® acrylic sheet online. We sell cut pieces of Perspex® acrylic sheet, complex or intricate shapes, fabrications as well as full sheets of clear and coloured Perspex® acrylic - in fact, whatever you are looking for we'd be delighted to help you find a solution!

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Acrylic rod and acrylic tube are also available in a range of diameters, together with a comprehensive range of acrylic mirror and thick acrylic sheet, acrylic balls, acrylic cubes and a range of acrylic fabrication accessories.