Coloured Perspex® Acrylic Sheet | Standard Colours

On this page you can buy Coloured Perspex® Acrylic in full sheets in 3mm and 5mm thick.

Standard colours are listed and are either:

(S) = Solid Perspex® Colour
This means that the Perspex® Colour does not allow transmission of light (eg if you held your hand up behind a solid colour sheet you would not see a shadow).

(T) = Translucent Perspex® Colour
This means that the although the Perspex® Colour allows transmission of a minimal amount of light you are unable to see through the material (eg if you held your hand up behind a translucent colour sheet you would see a shadow, but you would not be able to see your hand)

(X) = Transparent Perspex® Colour
This means that the Perspex® Colour is see through. So in effect, the sheet is clear but tinted with a colour.

Product availability:
 - normally from stock.

Additional notes:
 - A limited range of other thicknesses ie 10mm and 20mm may be available
 - For more details or for Perspex® colours not listed, or custom Perspex® Colours - please contact us
 - Perspex® Colours have a gloss finish on both sides
 - Perspex® Colours sheet is supplied with a protective plastic film on both sides
 - We only sell original Perspex® - beware of cheap, non-genuine material!

Perspex Coloured Sheet
Genuine Perspex sheet
  • Manufacturing tolerance on sheet thickness of Perspex® acrylic on this page is ±10% plus 0.4 mm
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