Half-Round Acrylic Rod

Half-round acrylic rods are clear and have transparent faces to all sides.

On this page you can buy Half-Round Acrylic Rod in full lengths in the following sizes:

1830mm lengths:
  • 6.4mm diameter
  • 9.5mm diameter
  • 12.7mm diameter
  • 15.9mm diameter
  • 19mm diameter
2000mm lengths:
  • 25mm diameter

Product Availability:

  • normally from stock

Additional notes:

  • Half-round acrylic rod is sold in packs, number of lengths per pack is shown. Price is per pack.
  • The manufacturing method of half-round acrylic rod is by extrusion
Half-Round Acrylic Rod
  • Tolerance up to 10mm diameter = +/-0.4mm
  • Tolerance over 10mm diameter = +/-0.8mm

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