Perspex® VA Grade Sheet | UV Filtering Acrylic Sheet

Surface finish: Gloss finish on two sides

Perspex VA is an advanced UV grade acrylic sheet giving excellent ultraviolet absorbing properties, making this a best-selling item to museums and art galleries who wish to protect exhibits from most damaging UV light.

Persepx VA Grade is best suited to applications where a slightly lower level of protection than Perspex VE Grade is acceptable, particularly when natural colour protection is critical, and edge clarity is a key part of the application. Importantly, VA Grade Perspex sheet is extremely clear, giving excellent colour rendition of artworks and exhibits.

Another benefit of VA Grade Perspex is that the sheet is exceptionally strong: 5 times the impact strength of glass and half the weight.

On this page you can buy Perspex VA Grade in full sheets in 3mm and 5mm thick.

Product availability:
 - normally from stock
 - other thicknesses available subject to minimum order quantities

Additional notes:
 - Perspex VA Grade sheet blocks 99% of UV light with wavelengths of 250–385nm
 - Perspex VA Grade is supplied with a protective plastic film on both sides

This is a picture of VA Grade Perspex Acrylic sheet
Museum exhibit case constructed from VA Grade Perspex Sheet
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