Perspex® Pearlescent Acrylic Sheet: 3mm thick

You can buy Perspex® Pearlescent acrylic in full sheets in 3mm thick in the following colours:

  • Pearl 1PY1
  • Caramel Gold 5PY0
  • Azure 7PY3
  • Platinum 9PY2
  • Candy 4PY5

Product Availability:

  • subject to availability, please contact us to discuss your requirements

Additional notes:

  • Perspex® Pearlescent acrylic sheet has a gloss finish both sides
  • Supplied with a protective plastic film on both sides
  • We only sell original Perspex® - beware of cheap, non-genuine material!

nb Perspex® Pearlescent is a single sided product, use "show face" side only. The beauty of the pearlescent effect is due to the nature of the pigments used reflecting light in a number of directions. Some variation in natural or perceived colour will occur. This natural variation will also provide a directional effect.

We only sell genuine Perspex
  • Manufacturing tolerance on sheet thickness of Perspex® acrylic on this page is ±10% plus 0.4 mm