Perspex Sparkle Sheet

A shower of stars lights up the Perspex® Sparkle range.

The five muted colours are enhanced by thousands of shimmering, iridescent particles that gleam and shine like the surface of the celestial vault, producing a beauty that has to be seen to be believed, a subtleness that is gradually brought to light.

Deep and yet radiant at the same time, the opaque colours of the range come together to form a harmonious collection offering a wide range of opportunities for unusual interior and exterior applications.

Perspex Sparkle colours are subject to availability - please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Product availability:
 - limited availability

Additional notes:
 - Perspex Sparkle is supplied with a protective plastic film on both sides
 - Manufacturing tolerance on sheet thickness of Perspex Sparkle is ±10% plus 0.4 mm
 - Perspex Sparkle is also available in 8mm (minimum order quantities apply)
 - We only sell original Perspex® - beware of cheap, non-genuine material!

Perspex Sparkle Colours
We only sell genuine Perspex
  • Manufacturing tolerance on sheet thickness of Perspex® acrylic on this page is ±10% plus 0.4 mm
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