August 2023 Reviews Roundup

August 2023: 15 Rave Reviews for

August brought a wave of positivity to as we continued to excel in service and quality. Let's delve into the 15 reviews that brightened our month.

CDS sheet metal kicked things off with "first class," praising our seamless process from ordering to delivery. We aim for nothing less than first-class service, and we're thrilled you noticed.

Clifftech found our advice "Helpful and professional" for their outdoor plastics DIY project. We're here to assist with expert guidance and straightforward order processing.

Annette Gardiner described us as "Friendly, swift, and knowledgeable advisers." Being friendly and knowledgeable is our mantra, Annette, and we're pleased you experienced it.

Colin, a long-time customer, shared his gratitude: "I have been a customer for many years." Colin, your words mean a lot, and we appreciate your loyalty and recognition of our professional staff and quality products.

Russell Godding simply stated, "Good quality product, fast delivery." Quality and speed are non-negotiables for us, and we're delighted you received both.

Jozef appreciated "Prompt, concise, and professional communication" with Monique East. Professionalism is our hallmark, and we're pleased you found it in your interaction.

Hugh Mulholland praised our "excellent friendly customer service" and smooth delivery. We believe in making your experience hassle-free, Hugh.

Robert Gartside summed it up: "Quick Delivery No hassle ordering." Quick and hassle-free are our goals, and we're thrilled to meet them.

Rod highlighted "Always good service" with a friendly and helpful team. We aim to provide consistently excellent service, Rod, and we're delighted it's reflected in your experience.

John R, a first-time customer, was impressed with our "super helpful people, good prices, and very quick delivery." We're honoured to have won your recommendation, John.

Ali Masoudi noted our "Timely delivery." Timeliness is a promise we keep, Ali, and we're pleased you received your order as expected.

A satisfied customer commended our "Fast response time to email enquiries, good and reliable product quality, and speedy delivery." We're delighted you found our service comprehensive and efficient.

Mr. Roland Watson, a first-time customer, said, "As this was the first time using this company, the experience means I will probably use them again." We look forward to serving you again, Mr. Watson.

Chris Nisbet appreciated our "Very quick delivery" and effective communication. When minor issues arise, we're committed to resolving them promptly, Chris.

And here's the heartwarming part: For every one of these 15 reviews we received in August, takes pride in giving back. We believe in the strength of community and the power of generosity. That's why we're delighted to donate £5 for each review, making a generous total contribution of £75 to Myton Hospices - a cause that resonates deeply with us.

At, we understand that success isn't just about business transactions; it's about the positive impact we can create in our community. Your trust and feedback motivate us to pay it forward and support causes that matter. This donation is our way of expressing gratitude for being a part of our journey and contributing to the well-being of others.

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August 2023 Reviews Roundup