Foam Sheets & Foam Blocks can supply a wide range of foam sheets and foam blocks for a variety of applications. The following are a selection of common & standard grades of foam sheet:

  • Neoprene foam
  • EPDM foam
  • Polyurethane foam
  • Silicone foam
  • Jiffy®
  • Low Density Polyethylene foams (including alternative grades to Plastazote® LD15, LD24, LD33, LD45, LD60, LD70 and Evazote®)
  • High Density Polyethylene foams (including alternative grades to Plastazote® HD30, HD60, HD80, HD110, HD130)
  • High/Low Density Blend Polyethylene foams (including equivalent grades to Plastazote® HL34, HL47, HL79)
  • Plastazote® Low Density Polyethylene - Metallocene Resin foams (including MP15, MP24, MP33, MP45)
  • Zotefoams® materials

Foam is generally available in sheets of approx 2000mm x 1000mm+ (or cut to size*) - and we also offer a fabrication service to laminate, cut, and glue our range of foam sheet to your specific requirements.      +quoted sizes are an indicative guide only      *subject to confirmation and availability at time of enquiry

In most cases we offer the option of adding a self-adhesive finish to one or both sides of the foam sheet.

Furthermore, has the facility to convert many of these materials to foam gaskets & washers to your requirements.

Note: Foam sheet is classified as either closed cell or open cell:

  • In closed cell foams the plastic is the only continuous phase (this is like having millions of small bubbles of plastic all bonded together) and therefore the gas in the foam is trapped inside the bubbles.
  • In open cell foams both the gas and the plastic are continuous phases. In this case when you squeeze the foam you expel all of the gas from the structure, but when you release it (like a sponge) it sucks air back into the structure

Practically this means closed cell foams will not absorb significant amounts of water or other liquids, which is great for buoyancy and for seals and gaskets.

Contrarily, open cell foams will absorb and hold water.

Foam rod and tube is also available, but is limited in availability – please check with the sales office.

Foam available to buy online is listed below. For materials not listed, please contact us to discuss your requirements in detail.