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Garden mirrors and outdoor mirrors from offer impact strength of around 17 times greater than that of glass mirror in equal thickness - and offers a safe and attractive solution for use in garden design. Garden mirrors are made from our premium acrylic mirror sheet.

Garden Mirror as a water feature

Water feature incorporating a small garden mirror

Pergola Mirror

Pergola Mirror in the Garden

RHS Show Garden Mirror Winner

RHS Winning Garden featuring our acrylic mirror

Garden Mirrrors are available to buy online in silver and a great range of colours - plus we can cut garden mirrors to any size, pre-drilled, and profiled to almost any shape.

In fact, whatever your requirement, we'll do our best to help you find the ideal solution.

Garden mirrors are available to buy online in sheet thicknesses of:

  • Silver Garden Mirror: 3mm and 6mm thick
  • Coloured Garden Mirror: 3mm thick
  • and a standard sheet size of 2440mm x 1220mm

Don't forget we can also cut garden mirrors to your exact sizes - and even cut them to shapes too!

Important note: Please note that acrylic mirror, as with other mirrored products, can intensify and concentrate the suns rays and, like a magnifying lens, generate focussed heat spots. Care should be taken when positioning, particularly when used near combustible materials. Do not position in areas of direct sunlight. and parent company Gilbert Curry Industrial Plastics are proud to be featured in The Sunday Times 'Home & Gardens' article recommending the use of our acrylic mirror sheet as an ideal material for making garden mirrors.

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Click to review the article in The Sunday Times about Garden Mirrors in Landscape Design (pdf, 275 KB).

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