Perspex® Vario

Perspex® Vario transparent colours, with a striking fluorescent edge, produces eye-catching results every time.

The variations of light and shade are almost endless and the surface colour changes as the angle of vision shifts. The contrast provided by the Vario edge effect gives an even greater depth to the material, depending on the size and thickness of the sheet used.

On this page you can buy Perspex® Vario in full sheets in 5mm thick.

Product Availability

  • 5mm thick normally from stock
  • For other thicknesses (ie 3mm, 8mm, or 10mm) please contact our sales office to confirm availability
  • Also available in a sheet size of 3050mm x 2030mm: please contact us to discuss your requirements

Additional Notes

  • Perspex® is a premium, internationally recognised, brand of acrylic sheet and has been made in the UK since 1933
  • Perspex® Vario acrylic sheet has a gloss finish both sides
  • Supplied with a protective plastic film on both sides
  • We only sell original Perspex® acrylic sheet - beware of cheap, non-genuine material!

Colour Swatches

Click the colour below for a representative image of each Perspex® colour, allowing you to compare colour and transparency levels:

Perspex® Vario - Passion Flower Violet 8T10
Perspex® Vario - Cascade Blue 7T5D
Perspex® Vario - Lagoon Green 6T95
Perspex® Vario - Honolulu Pink 4T87
Perspex® Vario - Tropical Yellow 2T45
  • Manufacturing tolerance on sheet thickness of Perspex® acrylic on this page is ±10% plus 0.4 mm

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Important Information: Minimum cut length is 20mm
Maximum cut panel size is 3050mm x 1mm
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