Perspex® Acrylic Sheet | Extruded

Our genuine extruded Perspex® acrylic sheet is an economical grade of clear acrylic making it ideal for higher volume fabrication methods and similar applications where thickness tolerance is critical.

It is extremely easy to vacuum form, making it ideal for applications where complex shapes are required.

It can also be used in general purpose flat sheet applications such as greenhouse glazing or in picture frames.

Extruded Perspex® acrylic sheet is made by extruding acrylic polymer over long production runs, consequently extruded Perspex® acrylic is not available in the same extensive range of colours and finishes available with cast Perspex.

Extruded Perspex® acrylic achieves a Class 4 Fire Rating.

  • Available thicknesses of extruded Perspex® acrylic: 1.5mm, 2mm, 2.5mm, 3mm, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm
  • Available colours of extruded Perspex® acrylic: Clear, White, Black, Glass Look (click for more coloured Perspex)
  • Available surface finishes of extruded Perspex® acrylic: Gloss and Silk
  • Extruded Perspex® acrylic is available to buy online in: Full Sheets (for cut pieces see our Cast Perspex page)
  • Gloss Perspex® acrylic has a high gloss finish on both sides
  • Silk Perspex® acrylic has a high gloss finish on ONE side and a matt texture/anti-reflective finish on the other
  • We're so confident that we're the cheapest place to buy Perspex® acrylic online that it's protected by our unique price beat promise.

The following surface finishes of Extruded Perspex® acrylic sheet are available to buy online - please select from: