Foam Laminated Sheet - ProTect Board

4mm/700g corrugated fine flute board with surface laminated 1.5mm thick polyethylene foam

On this page you can buy ProTect foam laminated plastic sheets.

ProTect foam laminated sheets are constructed from a 4mm/700g black corrugated fluted polypropylene core with our proprietary closed cell polyethylene foam surface laminated to one or both sides of the sheet.

This foam lined board is perfect for applications where an increased and enhanced level of surface protection is required.

For a sheet with a foam lamination to one side only, choose Single Sided.

For sheets with a laminated foam to both sides, choose Double Sided.

Sheets are sold in packs - price shown is per pack.

Product availability:
 - normally from stock

Additional notes:
 - Flute length is 2440mm
 - Nominal usable width of sheet is 1200mm
 - Corrugated polypropylene core is BLACK and 4mm thick / 700gsm
 - Laminated foam is DARK GREY and nominal 1.5mm thick per side
 - Coloured cores can be produced for specific applications

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