First Surface Acrylic Mirror | Double-sided Acrylic Mirror

First Surface Mirror, or Double-sided Mirror acrylic sheet consists of an opaque film of aluminum, protected by a tough clear coating. Light from either direction is reflected.

First Surface Mirror is often used in retail display and special lighting. The dual surface reflection property is ideal for those applications where the back of standard acrylic mirror would be exposed, or where a reflection in both directions is desired.

On this page you can buy First Surface acrylic mirror in full sheets.

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Additional notes:

  • Standard size sheets are generally oversized -0mm/+70mm. Please let us know if you require exact trimming.
  • First Surface Mirror / Double-sided Mirror is supplied with a protective plastic film on one side
  • First Surface Mirror is not suitable for external use
  • Acrylic mirror is not as rigid as glass and, as with all acrylic mirror, visual distortion can occur.
  • Correct installation and sufficient material thickness can reduce visual distortion but will notcompletely eliminate it.
  • Acrylic mirror is not a direct replacement for applications where glass mirror may be more suitable
  • Please click here for more important information about using our acrylic mirror
  • Standard size sheets are generally oversized -0mm/+70mm on length and width.
  • We are happy to trim standard sheets to an exact 2440mm x 1220mm size where required, please include a comment in the "notes" section during checkout.
  • Thickness tolerance ±10%
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