Tufnol® Carp® Brand

Fine-weave Phenolic Cotton Laminate (SRBF - Synthetic Resin Bonded Fabric)

Carp Brand Tufnol is a top quality grade for mechanical and electromechanical applications. It is made from a premium quality fine weave cotton fabric which has been specially treated to enhance the machinability and other properties.

Strong, with good wear resistance, it has excellent machining qualities and low water absorption, with good dimensional stability. Electrical properties are excellent for this class of material.

Resistance to high impact, however, is slightly less than the coarser weave grades of Tufnol.

Carp Brand is used for a wide variety of components where premium quality is required. It is often chosen for components with intricate features which need accuracy and a fine machined finish.

Typical components include fine toothed gears, cams, geneva wheels, seal retaining rings, actuating arms, insulating sleeves and bushes, components for use at cryogenic temperatures, insulation for low and medium voltages and a wide range of other precision machined parts.

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