PVC Strip Curtain - DIY Installation Guide for Bolt-on, Face Fix System

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vi/ Secure the brackets with track attached to the brickwork and concrete with rawl-bolts to steelwork with high tensile nuts and bolts and to timber with coach screws or large gauge wood screws

vii/ Push each pre drilled strip over the bolts with the concave side facing the track

viii/ Hold each strip to the track using the aluminium plate, thread the M8 nuts onto the bolts but do not tighten fully

ix/ Slide the strip to the desired starting place before tightening the nuts

x/ If you are including Red warning strips remember to position these first

xi/ To achieve 100% overlap each strip must butt up to the next on both sides of the track:

industrial strip curtain with 100% overlap

xii/ For 50% overlap each strip should be placed at a distance from each other that it overlaps by a quarter of the width of each strip:

industrial strip curtain with 50% overlap

xiii/ Finally trim the bottom of each strip to the desired length using a sharp knife

Note It may not be possible to acheive the desired overlap - this will depend on the width of your top track.

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