Polished Edge Service

Diamond Polished Edge

Standard Sawn Edge

As an additional option we offer an edge polishing service which means that the sawn edges of the Perspex will be polished back to an almost perfect clear gloss finish*.

This is particularly beneficial for pieces of polished Perspex where the cut eges are visible eg retail displays, frameless picture glazing, shelving.

Our standard polishing service can be selected by checking the box on the product calculator - and will add a surcharge to the unit cost.

Our standard polishing methods are: 

1/ Diamond polishing (shown above) - used for polishing most cut pieces of Perspex up to 25mm thick
2/ Perfect polishing - used for polishing very large cut pieces of Perspex, or for thicknesses over 25mm
3/ Flame polishing - used for polishing very small cut pieces of polishing ie less than 50mm long, or profiled edges (eg curves)

We will select the most appropriate polishing method according to the cut pieces and/or material chosen on your order.

For volume enquiries or specific polishing requirements - please contact us so that we can provide a customised quotation. 

nb *Samples of Perspex (with standard diamond polished edges) are available to order from the samples page, in either 5mm or 10mm thick.

Additional Notes:
  - Only the outside edge of the material can be polished.
  - If selected in conjunction with CNC Cutting option, a combination of diamond and flame polishing may be used to achieve the required finish. 
  - Selecting this option will add approx 3/4 days to our normal lead time - depending on size and quantity. An express service is also available.