Perspex® VE Grade Sheet | UV Absorbing Acrylic Sheet

Perspex® VE grade acrylic sheet is formulated for almost total absorption of UV radiation, and designed to be used in the glazing or double-glazing of windows, doors, roof-lights and display cases where a slight shift in transmitted colour is relatively unimportant. It can also be used for the protection of particularly critical artworks and museum exhibits and other applications where our standard UV filtering Perspex® VA Grade does not offer sufficient protection.

A further benefit of VE Grade Perspex® is that the sheet is exceptionally strong: 5 times the impact strength of glass and half the weight, and offers consistent UV protection throughout the sheet, although the clarity of the sheet is not quite as good as Perspex VA Grade.

Perspex® VE Grade sheet blocks 99.99% of UV light with wavelengths of 250–400nm

You can normally buy Perspex® VE Grade in full sheets in 3mm thick.

Product Availability:

  • subject to availability and possible minimum order quantities depending on stock status
  • please contact us to discuss your requirements for this product

Additional notes:

  • Perspex® is a premium, internationally recognised, brand of acrylic sheet
  • Perspex® VE Grade is supplied with a protective plastic film on both sides
VE Grade Perspex
Museum exhibit case constructed from VE Grade Perspex Sheet
  • Manufacturing tolerance on sheet thickness of Perspex® VE Grade acrylic sheet is ±10%