Perspex® Acrylic Discs

I want to buy custom Perspex® discs cut to size, can you help?

Absolutely! On this page you can buy discs, circles and diameters laser cut from Perspex® acrylic sheet in a range of thicknesses and colours, including acrylic mirror discs.

How do I order Perspex® discs?

It's easy! Just choose your options and input the required diameter in mm. You will need to use our conversion tool if your measurements are in cm or inches.

What can I use Perspex® discs for?

Cut to size Perspex® acrylic discs are great for in-store point of sale displays, decoration, cake bases, place mats, home decor and garden design... and so much more!

What colour and thickness can you cut Perspex® discs in?

We've got a great range of colours and thicknesses of Perspex® acrylic to cut your discs from:

Product Availability:

  • Perspex® discs will normally be despatched within 3-5 days
  • For particularly urgent requirements, please contact us
  • Other colours and thicknesses are available, but subject to individual quotation. Get in touch to discuss your requirements

Additional Notes

  • Need holes in your Perspex® acrylic disc? Add a note at checkout and we'll contact you to confirm your requirements
  • Perspex® cut discs have a protective film to both sides
  • Acrylic mirror discs have a protective film to the front face only
  • We only sell original Perspex® acrylic - beware of cheap, non-genuine material!
Perspex Discs cut to size

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Important Information: Minimum Diameter is 50mm
Maximum Diameter is 1200mm

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