Lexan® Margard MR5e | Polycarbonate Sheet: 3mm to 12mm thick

Lexan® Margard MR5E sheet is a premium grade, hardcoated, high optical quality Lexan® polycarbonate sheet for building and vehicle safety & security glazing.

The Margard hardcoat gives improved abrasion and chemical resistance and maintains the UV protection of standard Lexan® Exell D polycarbonate sheet.

Margard MR5e is ideal for use in applications where frequent contact and cleaning may occur (such as bus stops, military vehicles, agricultural machinery windows).

The surface of Lexan® Margard also offers good resistance to graffiti - allowing better cleaning results* when the sheet is subjected to graffiti *compared to standard grade polycarbonate sheets

Lexan® Margard MR5e polycarbonate is available to buy online in full sheets.

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Additional notes:

  • Lexan Margard is supplied with a protective plastic film on both sides
  • Lexan® Margard MR5e polycarbonate sheet is for flat applications only
  • For specialist forming grade polycarbonate sheet (Margard F-MR5e) please contact us
  • The image below shows a timber harvester tractor glazed with our Lexan® Margard polycarbonate
Lexan Margard Sheet
Lexan Margard Tractor Screen
The thickness tolerance on our Lexan® Margard sheet is +/-5%

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