Ertacetal® H-TF / Delrin® AF

Ertacetal® H-TF is a Delrin® AF Blend, a combination of Teflon fibres evenly dispersed in a Delrin® acetal resin. Much of the strength that is inherent in Acetal Hompolymer is retained. Some properties change due to the addition of Teflon fibre which is softer, less stiff and more slippery than virgin acetal resin.

Compared with Acetal Copolymer and Acetal Homopolymer, Ertacetal® H-TF offers superior sliding properties.

For example, bearings made of Ertacetal® H-TF show:

  • low friction
  • long wear
  • essentially free of stick-slip behaviour.

Ertacetal® H-TF is a deep-brown colour and is available in:

  • sheet thicknesses of: 12mm to 50mm thick
  • sheet sizes of: 610mm x 1000mm
  • rod diameters of: 10mm to 100mm diameter

Note: Ertacetal® H-TF is manufactured to order, and subject to minimum order quantities - please contact the sales office to discuss your requirements.

The following downloads are also available: