CNC Cutting Service

Example of Standard Drilled Holes

Example of Standard Drilled holes
+ Rounded Corners + Basic Cut-outs

For special cutting beyond the scope of our normal "Custom Dimensions" cut piece service - we offer a special "special CNC cutting" option.

This means that we can CNC cut to a particular profile or shape, including drilled holes, rounded corners, and basic cut-outs.

Standard CNC Cutting

Our standard CNC cutting service can be selected by checking the box on the product calculator - and will add £15.00 to the unit cost.

This fixed cost will apply to each item ordered* and allows for:

- outside shape cut to standard shape ie. square, rectangle, circle
- up to 10 holes at 3mm diameter and above 
- rounded corners
- up to 2 basic cut-outs

After ticking the box and placing your order, we will contact you within one working day to confirm your exact CNC cutting details before processing further.

Advanced CNC Cutting 

For *volume enquiries, intricate/detailed outside shapes, additional and/or complex cut-outs, or other advanced CNC cutting requirements - please contact us so that we can provide a customised quotation.

Additional Notes:
  - If selected in conjunction with Polished Edges option, a combination of diamond and flame polishing may be used to achieve the required finish (outside edges only)
  - Selecting this option will add approx 5/7 days to our normal lead time, subject to confirmation on receipt of your order. An express service is also offered.