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Clearance Item: Clear Screens in 5mm thick PET

On this page you can buy panels of clear PET sheet in 5mm thick at very special clearance prices and in various sizes

We can also cut these panels to custom sizes for you, just choose "Further options..." and check the box. We'll then contact you to confirm your requirements

What is PET?

PET is a multipurpose clear plastic sheet based upon PET (Polyethylene Terephthalate). PET has good impact strength, impressive resistance to chemicals and offers an economic alternative to our Perspex® acrylic, Lexan® polycarbonate

Can I use PET for Coronavirus Screens?

Our PET panels are the perfect solution if you're looking to create an efficient barrier to support social distancing guidelines, and are perfect for desk screens, shop and counter protective screens, sneeze guards and cough shields

Product Availability for PET Screens?

Our PET screens are in stock and ready for despatch - whilst stock last

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Clear PET for Screens
  • Manufacturing tolerance on sheet thickness of clear PET on this page is ±10% plus 0.4 mm
    Tensile strength ISO 527 MPa 53,5
    Elongation at break ISO 527 % > 100
    Tensile modulus ISO 527 MPa + 2600
    Impact strength unnotched ISO 180 kJ/m² no burst
    Impact strength notched ISO 180 kJ/m² 3,9
    Rockwell hardness DIN 2039 M / R M80 / R114