Clear Screens in Perspex® Acrylic

On this page you can buy cut to size Perspex® screens for your shop, pub, bar, restaurant, school, university, clinic, office or other workplace to act as an efficient barrier to support social distancing guidelines.

Our Perspex® screens are cut to your exact design and required sizes in a choice of standard thicknesses with the further option of selecting special CNC cutting if you need your screen profiled or with drilled holes or cut-outs. You can also choose to include a pair of feet to create a free standing screen.

We cut our screens from Perspex® acrylic which is perfectly clear, half the weight of glass, and has good impact resistance to ensure safety and simple installation.

Where should I use a clear Perspex® screen?
You should use a clear Perspex® screen anywhere you need to create a barrier to support social distancing regulations:
  • Counter top guards  
  • Desk screens  
  • Workstation screens  
  • Sneeze guards  
  • Pub screens for bars  
  • Clear screens for schools  
  • Cough shields  
  • Retail counter guards  
  • Reception desk screens  
  • Protective panels  
  • Desk dividers  
  • Nail/beauty bars  
  • Till counter screen  
  • Personal protection barriers  
Benefits of a clear Perspex® acrylic screen?
  • Superior clarity - clearer than glass!  
  • Economical  
  • Excellent weather and UV resistance  
  • Good impact resistance being 10 times stronger than equivalent thickness glass (so, strong, but not unbreakable)  
How thick should my Perspex® screen be?

The thicker the material we cut your Perspex® screen from, the more rigid it will be. For screens over 600mm high OR 800mm wide, we would recommend a minimum thickness of 4mm. For screens over 1000mm high OR 1200mm wide we would recommend choosing 5mm or 6mm thick. If you want to discuss your specific requirements, please don't hesitate to contact us.

I need a Perspex® screen cut to size, can you help?

Yes, we offer our clear screens cut to size, with the additional option of selecting CNC cutting to add drill holes, or cutouts.

Can you make a freestanding Perspex® screen?

We can make a freestanding screen by including a pair of feet. You'll just need to check the box for Add pair of standing feet in further options.

Do you offer a volume discount if I need to buy Perspex® screens in bulk?

If you need 10+ Perspex® screens with CNC cutting - we'd be happy to discuss any potential savings with you. Please contact us, so that we can ensure you're receiving our very best prices.

How do I clean my clear plastic screen?

It's really important not to use harsh chemical cleaners on your clear Perspex® screen - instead use hot, soapy water and a soft cloth. Minor scratches can be polished out with our Perspex® Polish.

Can I buy full Perspex® sheets instead?

Absolutely - click here to see our full Perspex® sheets page.

Product Availability:

  • nb. This is a high demand product: Last page update
    Material is in stock, but due to exceptional demand we have an extended lead time of an additional 4 weeks for screens which include special CNC cutting. We will confirm estimated delivery date on receipt of any order. Please contact us if you have a particularly urgent requirement to ensure we can meet with your expectation.

Additional notes:

  • When ordering with free standing feet, these will ordinarily be supplied at a height that is half of the screen height. So an 800mm high screen will have feet that are 400mm high. If you would like a different configuration or have your own drawing to work to, please confirm at time of order by leaving a note in the checkout notes
  • For stability, the width of the feet are proportionately relative to the screen height (at ~40% of screen height). So an 800mm high screen will have feet that are ~320mm wide
  • Our Perspex® screens are supplied with a protective film on both sides to protect material prior to installation and use
  • Due to a temporary interruption of supply from our manufacturer, we may substitute this item with an alternative brand of premium acrylic
Freestanding Perspex Screen
  • Manufacturing tolerance on thickness is ±10% plus 0.4 mm
  • Please contact us if you would like a sample of Perspex® Acrylic

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