Anti-static Cleaning Spray for Perspex® Acrylic Sheet

This effective cleaning spray is specially formulated for use on Perspex® acrylic sheet and Perspex® screens.

Our gentle and effective cleaner for Perspex® acrylic can also be used on acrylic mirrors, polycarbonate sheet and most other plastics.

This easy to apply spray not only cleans, but additionally provides anti-static properties for up to one month, and can also be used on glass, TV screens, PC monitors and other surfaces.

Care should be taken to avoid scratching the material surface when cleaning. Always use a very soft, lint-free cloth - and wipe, not scrub.


  • What's the best way to clean Perspex® acrylic sheet?

    It's really important not to use harsh chemical cleaners on Perspex® acrylic sheet, nor in fact most other types of plastic - instead you can just use hot, soapy water and a soft cloth. For even better results you can use this cleaning spray, which is great for cleaning Perspex® acrylic sheets and additionally provides anti-static properties for up to a month.

  • How do you stop a build up of static on Perspex® acrylic?

    This cleaning spray provides anti-static properties for up to one month, which will reduce the natural attraction of dust and dirt to Perspex® acrylic sheet and other surfaces.

  • How do I remove a minor scratch from Perspex® acrylic?

    Minor scratches can normally be polished of acrylic sheet out with our Acrylic Polish for Perspex® Acrylic.

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  • Anti-static Cleaning Spray is supplied in 250ml trigger spray bottles and sold per pack
  • Postage & packing included
Perspex® Cleaning Spray
Cleaning a Perspex® screen
  • Test the cleaner on a non-critical area prior to full application

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