Bubble Wrap - Large Bubbles

On this page you can buy bubble wrap rolls at economy prices! Our premium quality rolls of bubble wrap are available in 1200mm (1.2m) or 1500mm (1.5m) wide, have large bubbles and are a standard roll length of 50metres.

Bubble wrap is a perfect packaging protection product to help keep items safe during transit or in storage, ideal for wrapping fragile belongings when moving house....and our extra large bubbles give superior levels of protection compared to smaller bubbles (and they are particularly satisfying to pop too!).

Our top grade bubble wrap is easy to cut and can be reused or recycled where facilities exist.

Product availability:
 - normally from stock

Additional notes:
 - bubbles are 20mm diameter and approximately 7mm high
 - other bubble sizes, roll width and length combinations also available - please contact us

A roll of bubble wrap to buy online
Bubble Wrap close up - large bubbles

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