This is Black Perspex® acrylic.
What is Black Perspex®?

Black Perspex® is a great colour choice if you are looking for a solid black acrylic sheet.

What colour codes of Black Perspex® are available to buy?

We offer two specific colour codes of Black Perspex®:

  • Black Perspex® 9T30 which is a solid black acrylic sheet
  • Black Perspex® 962 which is an infrared transmitting, solid black acrylic sheet

What is the light transmission of Black Perspex®?

  • The light transmission of Black Perspex® 9T30 is 0%
  • The light transmission of Black Perspex® 962 is 0%

Can I buy Black Perspex® online?

Yes! You can buy Black Perspex® online here and choose your preferred black colour code from the "Select Colour" dropdown.

Black 9T30 Perspex® acrylic
Black 962 Perspex® acrylic