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Nylon’s toughness, low coefficient of friction and good abrasion resistance make nylon rod, nylon sheet and nylon tube an ideal replacement for a wide variety of materials from metal to rubber - it weighs only 1/7th as much as bronze.

Using nylon rod, nylon sheet and nylon tube reduces lubrication requirements, eliminates galling, corrosion and pilferage problems, and improves wear resistance and sound dampening characteristics.

Nylon rod, nylon sheet and nylon tube has a proven record of outstanding service in a multitude of parts for such diverse fields as paper, textiles, electronics, metalworking,
mining, aircraft, food and material handling.

Nylon sheet is also an ideal material choice when manufacturing thermal breaks for use in construction projects as a thermal insulator (break) between steels. For more information about our thermal break cutting service please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Main properties of our range of nylon sheet, nylon rod and nylon tube are that :
  • nylon has high mechanical strength, stiffness, hardness and toughness
  • nylon has good fatigue resistance
  • nylon has high mechanical damping ability
  • nylon has good sliding properties
  • nylon has excellent wear resistance
  • nylon has good electrical insulating properties
  • nylon has high resistance against high energy radiation (gamma and X-rays)
  • nylon has good machinability
It is important to remember that nylons can absorb up to 7% (by weight) water under high humidity conditions or when submerged in water. This can result in dimensional changes up to 2% and a corresponding reduction of physical properties. Proper design techniques can substantially compensate for this factor. Alternatively, acetal or Ertalyte PET-P can be considered for such applications.

The differences in physical properties which exist between the different types of Nylon grades below are mainly determined by the composition and the structure of their molecular chains.

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The following grades of nylon are available to buy online - please select from:
  • Nylon 6
    Our general purpose grade for thick sheet and large diameter rod - unmodified cast nylon 6 grade exhibits characteristics which come very close to those of nylon 66. It combines high strength, stiffness and hardness with good creep and wear resistance, heat ageing properties and machinability. Thin sheet is extruded nylon 6.

    Available colours:
     Natural (ivory) & Black

    Available to buy in:
     Sheet: 0.5mm to 100mm thick   Rod: 50mm to 500mm diameter  Tube: various OD x ID - including large diameter
  • Nylon 66
    Nylon 66 is an extruded nylon that has high mechanical strength, stiffness, heat and wear resistance, and also has good creep resistance - but its impact strength and mechanical damping ability are reduced. Well suited for machining on automatic lathes.

    Available colours:
     Natural (cream) & Black

    Available to buy in:
     Sheet: 1mm to 50mm thick   Rod: 5mm to 250mm diameter   Tube: various OD x ID
  • Glass Filled Nylon
    Compared with virgin nylon 66, this 30% glass fibre reinforced and heat stabilised grade of nylon 66 offers increased strength, stiffness, creep resistance and dimensional stability whilst retaining an excellent wear resistance. It also allows higher maximum service temperatures.

    Available colours:

    Available to buy in:
     Sheet: 10mm to 100mm thick   Rod: 10mm to 200mm diameter
  • Oil Filled Nylon
    This internally lubricated cast nylon 6 is self-lubricating in the real meaning of the word. Our oil-filled nylon is especially developed for unlubricated, highly loaded and slowly moving parts applications, and yields a considerable enlargement of the application possibilities of nylons. This is because of its reduced coefficient of friction (up to -50%) and improved wear resistance (up to x10).

    Available colours:

    Available to buy in:
     Sheet: 10mm to 100mm thick   Rod: 50mm to 500mm diameter  Tube: various OD x ID - including large diameter
  • Heat Stabilised Nylon
    This heat stabilised cast nylon grade has a very dense and highly crystalline structure. Compared with conventional extruded or cast nylons, Ertalon 6 XAU+ offers superior heat ageing performance in air (much better resistance to thermal-oxidative degradation), allowing 15 – 30°C higher continuously allowable service temperatures. Heat-stabilised nylon is particularly recommended for bearings and other mechanical parts subject to wear which are operating in air for long periods of time at temperatures over 60°C

    Available colours:

    Available to buy in:
     Sheet:10mm to 100mm thick  Rod: 50mm to 500mm diameter  Tube: various OD x ID - including large diameter


A range of specialist modified nylons where additives and additions provide altered and improved physical properties when compared to virgin nylon grades.

Available colours:
Depends on selected grade

Available to buy in:
Sheet: 1.5mm to 100mm thick   Rod: 6mm to 500mm diameter  Tube: various OD x ID - including large diameter