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Correx Sheet

Correx Sheet

Correx is an extruded twinwall fluted polypropylene sheet and offers efficient solutions to a wide variety of applications.

Compared to alternatives such as cardboard, metal or rigid plastics our genuine Correx sheet offers the following unique advantages:
  • Economical : both in use and purchase - Crack-resistant
  • Flexible : as a material and as application - Strong and durable
  • Environmentally sound : fully recyclable - Light
  • Water and moist-resistant - Unlimited reuse
  • Standard or tailor-made - Good chemical resistance
  • Approved for food packaging - Easy to print
  • Easily hand or die-cut
  • Corona-treated for screenprinting (4mm, 6mm and 8mm only)
Our standard grade Correx sheet has a fine flute and comes in a standard 4mm thick / 700gsm weight sheet with a comprehensive selection of colours available to buy online: Black, Blue, Green, Orange, Red, White and Yellow.

Also available is 6mm thick Correx sheet and 8mm thick Correx sheet.

Our floor protection sheet grades are an industry leading 2.5mm thick / 350gsm offering advanced surface protection - and is available in Premium and Premium+ FR (fire-retardant) grades. Ideal for floor and surface protection in buildings.

We also offer our ProTect board: a foam laminated plastic sheet - providing enhanced surface protection to one or both sides of the standard sheet.

The normal sheet size for all of these Correx products is a standard 8 foot x 4 foot (2440mm x 1220mm)

Important Note

Choose grade of sheet
The following grades of Correx Sheet are available to buy online - please select from:

Standard Grade

  • Correx Sheet, 4mm/700gsm
  • Corrugated Polypropylene - Sheet, 6mm/1200gsm
  • Corrugated Polypropylene - Sheet, 8mm/1600gsm

Floor Protection Sheet

  • Floor Protection Sheets

Foam Laminated Sheet

  • Foam Laminated Plastic Sheet - ProTect Board